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Commits on Nov 02, 2011
@timvisher timvisher Initial commit of vimgolf.el. Should be formatted correctly for elpa.…
Commits on Nov 03, 2011
@timvisher timvisher Very basic filling out of start and work buffers complete. Pretty ugl…
…y. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Very basic popping up of work and end buffers completed. Very poor im…
…plementation. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Basic minor mode defined. EOM f841561
@timvisher timvisher Adding an autoload comment. EOM 3c973df
@timvisher timvisher Can quit and get back to starting window configuration. EOM c6d694f
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@timvisher timvisher Checkpoint. Lots of progress regarding capturing keystrokes. Needs mo…
…re work though. Specifically in how to get an appending dribble file going. Current method doesn't appear to be working. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Potentially promising direction for vimgolf-close-and-capture-dribble…
…. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Var-ifying challenge url construction and providing a comment for set…
…ting it a test-server. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Improved challenge extraction regexps. EOM 547ec97
@timvisher timvisher Removing unnecessary progn form. EOM 2a0f87b
@timvisher timvisher Extracted vimgolf-scrub-buffer function. EOM b3c5405
@timvisher timvisher Extracted a vimgolf-kill-existing-session function. EOM ded6095
@timvisher timvisher Making vimgolf-revert restore the working-window-configuration. EOM db5584a
@timvisher timvisher A failed vimgolf-submit now pops open vimgolf-ediff. EOM 6048f00
@timvisher timvisher Extracted vimgolf-[wrong|right]-solution functions. EOM df89b7d
@timvisher timvisher Stand in implementation of vimgolf-parse-dribble-file. EOM 594c8fb
@timvisher timvisher Basic parsing of meta-keychords. EOM c751598
Commits on Nov 09, 2011
@timvisher timvisher No longer doing the main vimgolf window and buffer set up in a save-c…
…urrent-buffer form as it screws up commands like `calc-copy-to-buffer` which rely on the correct buffer being focussed for elisp. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Addin a ROADMAP to track features I'm interested in implementing. EOM e80db07
@timvisher timvisher Trying to fix formatting on the file. EOM 7de7004
@timvisher timvisher And again. EOM c4b9e7d
@timvisher timvisher Ooo boy, this is fun, no? EOM 3293745
@purcell purcell Parse C-0 etc. in addition to M-<key> sequences 59ec3c5
@purcell purcell Tidy up non-idiomatic 'message calls e29d67f
@purcell purcell Ensure that if 'case-fold-search is non-nil, start/end buffers are st…
…ill compared in a case sensitive way
@purcell purcell More idiomatic elisp tweaks 8235214
@purcell purcell Fix what was presumably a typo in the key binding for vimgolf-revert 1445f52
@purcell purcell Prefer (beginning-of-buffer) to (goto-char (point-min)) 4756ac3
@timvisher timvisher Merge pull request #1 from purcell/master
Parse C-0 etc. in addition to M-<key> sequences encoded in hex
@purcell purcell Raise error if data can't be found in the response, e.g. …
…if an invalid challenge ID is entered
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
@purcell purcell Reset undo history when scrubbing buffers, so we can't undo back to r…
…aw response data
@timvisher timvisher This is almost there, but not quite yet. EOM 181402d
@purcell purcell Tidy up dribble file parsing 624df7d
@timvisher timvisher Extremely promising direction for recording the keystrokes. EOM 36d569d
@timvisher timvisher Very promising direction. Unfortunately also is activated by a comman…
…d executed under a keyboard macro.
@timvisher timvisher Even more promising. Now doesn't record macro execution. But it repea…
…ts numeric argument keys. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Oh so close. How do I get `M-0 <f4>` to appear when I don't want keys…
… running under a keyboard macro to get in there?
@timvisher timvisher Removing unnecessary call to princ. EOM 9f90c07
@timvisher timvisher Simplifying inserting of a key into keystrokes. EOM bee26ae
@timvisher timvisher Capturing `M-0 <f4>`. EOM 40b73c6
@timvisher timvisher Cancelling defining-kbd-macro if it's active on revert. EOM c3f087a
@timvisher timvisher Improving data-end regex to match a new kind of type. EOM 44d69fa
@timvisher timvisher Adding vimgolf functions to exclude list. EOM 7a9cca5
@timvisher timvisher Got every keystroke for challenge 4d2fb20e63b08b08b0000075. EOM d5eea2d
@timvisher timvisher Adding a new test ID which involves smex. EOM d7dba65
@timvisher timvisher Counting the solution. EOM b9896ab
@timvisher timvisher Don't break mini-buffer. EOM 59c1d5b
@timvisher timvisher Merge branch 'keystrokes-parse' bab3252
Commits on Nov 20, 2011
@purcell purcell Various tidy-ups, especially concerning initial buffer set-up b100cce
@purcell purcell Use "vimgolf-" prefix to identify vimgolf-related commands to ignore …
…in keystroke log
@purcell purcell Remove literal newlines from data start/end regexps 6aef96f
@purcell purcell Tidy up vimgolf-solution-correct-p 54388cc
@purcell purcell Remove duplication in vimgolf-(stop-)capture-keystrokes 234e309
@purcell purcell Replace literal newline in string with \n 939795d
@purcell purcell Remove duplication in vimgolf-log-keystroke df4995f
@purcell purcell Remove duplication in keystroke capture functions 016066d
@purcell purcell Store keystrokes/command log in a var, and unconditionally log them i…
…n a pretty format.
@purcell purcell Tidy up success message 20cc0ad
@purcell purcell Comment main sections, be sure to "provide" 'vimgolf, and re-use buff…
…er killing code
@purcell purcell Fix a small comment typo 4797eeb
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@purcell purcell Preserve mark while logging keystrokes 32315a1
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@timvisher timvisher Mini-buffer entry is no longer an issue. EOM 20f7190
@timvisher timvisher Adding where people can submit patches to. EOM 3dd5c52
@timvisher timvisher Switched to asynchronous url-retrieve call which gets us out of the a…
…nnoying bug in url-retrieve-synchronously where it hangs indefinitely. EOM
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
@purcell purcell Align keystrokes and commands in keystroke log b1f1ce2
@purcell purcell Only refresh keystroke log once per command cycle 77165fb
@timvisher timvisher Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/purcell/prettify-keystrokes' b621881
Commits on Dec 01, 2011
@timvisher timvisher Setting vimgolf-challenge correctly and inserting in victory buffer. EOM 869fee4
@timvisher timvisher Pop open victory buffer on success. Put victory buffer in vimgolf mod…
…e to enable keys. EOM
@timvisher timvisher Bumping Version Number. EOm 37f5a49
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
@fgalassi Fixed typo in diff environment variable c053d18
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
@fgalassi Show difference after failed attempt in put with vimdiff and make it …
@fgalassi Added retry option after failed attempt in put 6904133
@igrigorik igrigorik Merge git:// 064c5c0
@igrigorik igrigorik Merge pull request #79 from fgalassi/fix_diff
Improved vimgolf cli after failed attempt
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