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StaticGen, a leaderboard of top open-source static site generators.


Missing a static site generator here? Just fork the repo and add your generator as a <name>.md in the source/projects folder.

Make sure to follow the following rules:

  • Static Site Generation: No "flat-file CMSs" or similar tools. The program must be able to output a static website that can be hosted in places like Netlify, S3 or Github Pages.
  • Open Source: The generator must have a public repository on Github that we can link to and pull in stats from.
  • Stick to the format: Fill out all the same fields as the other static site generators in source/projects.
  • Short description: Keep all the details for the body text, keep the description for the overview page short and sweet.

Running locally

StaticGen is built with Middleman. To install and run locally:

git clone
cd staticgen
bundle install (requires ruby 2.1.2 to work w/o errors)
bundle exec middleman

You'll run into GitHub's API limits very quickly if you just do this. To avoid this we recommend you create a Github API token with permissions to access public repositories and Gist.

Then create a Gist with a single file data.json with an empty javascript object literal as content: {}

Then set these environment variables before running middleman:


Then middleman will use the Gist you specified to archive stats (stars, forks and issues) for the repositories.


StaticGen is built and maintained by Netlify, a hosting and automation service for static websites and apps.


StaticGen is released under the MIT License. Please make sure you understand its implications and guarantees.

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