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This package contains multi-web-mode.
0. Info
Author: Fabián Ezequiel Gallina
Contact: fabian at gnu dot org dot ar
Project homepage:
My Blog:
Downloads page:
1. Introduction
Multi Web Mode is a minor mode wich makes web editing in Emacs much
Basically what it does is select the appropiate major mode
automatically when you move the point and also calculates the
correct indentation of chunks according to the indentation of the
most relevant major mode.
Currently it is more focused to work on buffers which contain html,
css, javascript and php, but adding other modes is really simple:
you just need to add your own mode to the `mweb-tags'. You can do
that by using M-x customize-group RET multi-web-mode and looking
for the `mweb-tags' variable.
If you wish a major-mode or extra to be included in the default
package please let me know.
2. Requirements
You don't need any special libraries to run this package since it
includes already all the necessary major-modes and extras.
Regarding the version of Emacs, this package was tested successfully
with 23.0.60.
3. Installation
To install Multi Web Mode just put
(load "<path-to-multiweb-mode>/load.el") in your .emacs file and
you are done.
Restart Emacs or use M-x load-file ~/.emacs.
4. Usage
Multi Web Mode binds the following keystrokes:
M-<f11> : Prompts the user to override the default major mode.
M-<f12> : Prompts the user to override the calculated extra indentation.
[tab] : Is bound to `mweb-indent'.
[backtab] : Deletes indentation, useful when magic indentation
`mweb-submodes-magic-indent' is nil. It deletes the number of spaces
defined in `mweb-default-submode-indent-offset'.
5. Included packages
These are third party packages which are included appart from
multi-web-mode.el. See the license terms on the top of the files.
Major modes can be found on the `major-mode' subdirectory of the
package, the rest is on the `extras' one.
* php-mode.el: PHP major mode from []
* espresso.el: Amazing Javascript mode with builtin support for
various frameworks. []
* django-html-mode: Major mode based on sgml-mode. It adds coloring
and indentation support django template tags in html files.
* moz.el: MozRepl lets you program Firefox and other Mozilla-based
applications from the inside; and this great minor mode lets
you communicate to MozRepl directly from your Emacs.
* hexcolour.el: Hexadecimal color fontification in buffer, useful
for css-mode. Minor mode created from the shared code at
* fixme-mode.el: Highlights FIXME, TODO, and other warnings in
source code and allows fast navigation through them.
* tabkey2-mode.el: Call the command you want using tab. Extracted
from the great nxhtml package (which I used a lot before
multi-web) []
6. Bug Reports
If you find a bug please report it sending an email listed in the
top of the file.
7. License
multi-web-mode.el and load.el is free software under the GPL v3,
see LICENSE file for details.
For other files included in the package check their licenses in the
top of the files.
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