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;;; multi-web-mode.el --- multiple major mode support for web editing
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina.
;; Author: Fabián E. Gallina <>
;; URL:
;; Version: 0.1
;; Created: Feb 2009
;; Keywords: convenience, languages, wp
;; This file is part of Multi Web Mode
;; Multi Web Mode is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
;; License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; Multi Web Mode is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with Multi Web Mode. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; Multi Web Mode is a minor mode wich makes web editing in Emacs much easier.
;; Basically what it does is select the appropriate major mode
;; automatically when you move the point and also calculates the
;; correct indentation of chunks according to the indentation of the
;; most relevant major mode.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(defvar multi-web-mode))
(defvar mweb-mode-map
(let ((mweb-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key mweb-mode-map (kbd "M-<f11>") 'mweb-set-default-major-mode)
(define-key mweb-mode-map (kbd "M-<f12>") 'mweb-set-extra-indentation)
(define-key mweb-mode-map [remap mark-whole-buffer] 'mweb-mark-whole-buffer)
"Keymaps for command `multi-web-mode'.")
(defvar mweb-mode-hook nil
"Hooks to run when command `multi-web-mode' is initialized.")
(defvar mweb-extra-indentation 0
"Extra indentation for chunks.
Automatically calculated when the major mode has changed.")
(defcustom mweb-default-major-mode nil
"Default major mode when not in chunk."
:type 'symbol
:group 'multi-web-mode
:safe 'symbolp)
(defcustom mweb-filename-extensions
"File extensions that trigger activation.
This is an example configuration:
'(\"php\" \"htm\" \"html\" \"ctp\" \"phtml\" \"php4\" \"php5\")"
:type '(list string)
:group 'multi-web-mode
:safe #'(lambda (extensions)
(not (catch 'fail
(dolist (ext extensions)
(when (not (stringp ext))
(throw 'fail t)))))))
(defcustom mweb-tags
"Tags enabled for command `multi-web-mode'.
This var is an alist on which each element has the form
\(major-mode \"open tag regex\" \"close tag regex\").
This is an example configuration:
\(\(php-mode \"<\\\\?php\\|<\\\\? \\|<\\\\?=\" \"\\\\?>\")
\(js-mode \"<script[^>]*>\" \"</script>\")
\(css-mode \"<style[^>]*>\" \"</style>\"))"
:type '(repeat (symbol string string))
:group 'multi-web-mode
:safe #'(lambda (tags)
(not (catch 'fail
(dolist (tag tags)
(when (or
(not (symbolp (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'mode)))
(not (stringp (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'open)))
(not (stringp (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'close))))
(throw 'fail t)))))))
(defcustom mweb-submode-indent-offset 2
"Indentation offset for code inside chunks."
:type 'integer
:group 'multi-web-mode
:safe 'integerp)
(defcustom mweb-ignored-commands
"Commands that prevent changing the major mode."
:type '(repeat symbol)
:group 'multi-web-mode
:safe #'(lambda (names)
(not (catch 'fail
(dolist (name names)
(when (not (symbolp name))
(throw 'fail t)))))))
(defun mweb-get-tag-attr (tag attribute)
ATTRIBUTE values can be 'mode to get the tag's major mode or
'open/'close to get the open/close regexp respectively."
(case attribute
(mode (car tag))
(open (cadr tag))
(close (caddr tag))))
(defun mweb-get-tag (tag-major-mode)
"Return tag from `mweb-tags' matching TAG-MAJOR-MODE."
(assoc tag-major-mode mweb-tags))
(defun mweb--looking-at-tag (&optional type)
"Return non-nil if pointer is looking at an open or close tag.
Possible values of TYPE are:
* nil: to check if point is looking at an open or close tag.
* 'open: to check if point is looking at an open tag
* 'close: to check if point is looking at a close tag"
(let ((index 0)
(while (and (< index (length mweb-tags))
(not looking))
(setq open-tag (mweb-get-tag-attr (elt mweb-tags index) 'open))
(setq close-tag (mweb-get-tag-attr (elt mweb-tags index) 'close))
(case type
(open (setq tag-regexp open-tag))
(close (setq tag-regexp close-tag))
(otherwise (setq tag-regexp (concat open-tag "\\|" close-tag))))
(when (looking-at tag-regexp)
(setq looking t))
(setq index (+ 1 index))))
(defsubst mweb-looking-at-open-tag-p ()
"Return t if point is looking at an open tag."
(mweb--looking-at-tag 'open))
(defsubst mweb-looking-at-close-tag-p ()
"Return t if point is looking at a close tag."
(mweb--looking-at-tag 'close))
(defsubst mweb-looking-at-tag-p ()
"Return t if point is looking at an open or close tag."
(defun mweb-change-major-mode ()
"Call the appropriate major mode for the pointed chunk.
If the current `major-mode' is the correct one it doesn't funcall the
major mode and returns nil, otherwise changes the `major-mode' and
returns a symbol with its name."
(let ((closest-chunk-point 0)
(closest-chunk-mode mweb-default-major-mode)
(result nil))
(dolist (tag mweb-tags)
(setq result (mweb-closest-starting-chunk-point tag))
(when (and (integerp result)
(<= closest-chunk-point result))
(setq closest-chunk-point result)
(setq closest-chunk-mode (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'mode)))))
(when (not (equal closest-chunk-mode major-mode))
(funcall closest-chunk-mode)
(defun mweb-change-indent-line-function ()
"Set the correct value for `indent-line-function'.
Depending of `major-mode'."
(when (not (equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode))
(setq indent-line-function 'mweb-indent-line)))
(defun mweb-closest-starting-chunk-point (tag)
"Return the point of the closest chunk for TAG.
Where TAG is one of the tags contained in the `mweb-tags'
list. If the chunk is not found then it returns nil."
(let ((open-tag)
(setq open-tag (re-search-backward (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'open) nil t)))
(setq close-tag (re-search-backward (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'close) nil t)))
(cond ((not open-tag)
((and open-tag
(not close-tag))
((> open-tag close-tag)
(defun mweb-multiple-chunks-p ()
"Check if multiple chunks exist in the current buffer."
(goto-char (point-min))
(re-search-forward "[^\s\t\n]" nil t)
(or (not (mweb-looking-at-open-tag-p))
(catch 'break
(dolist (tag mweb-tags)
(when (re-search-forward (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'close) nil t)
(throw 'break (not (not (re-search-forward "[^\s\t\n]" nil t)))))))))))
(defun mweb-update-context ()
"Update extra indentation value for chunks."
(let ((changed-major-mode (mweb-change-major-mode)))
(if (and changed-major-mode
(not (equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode)))
(setq mweb-extra-indentation (mweb-calculate-indentation))
(setq mweb-extra-indentation 0)))
(defun mweb-calculate-indentation ()
"Calculate the correct indentation given previous submode."
(let ((indentation 0)
(changed-major-mode major-mode)
(buffer-modified-flag (buffer-modified-p)))
(if (progn (mweb-forward-nonblank-line -1) (bobp))
(if (mweb-multiple-chunks-p)
(setq indentation 0)
(setq indentation (- mweb-submode-indent-offset)))
(setq prev-line-pos (point-marker))
(insert "\na")
(setq indentation (current-indentation))
(delete-region prev-line-pos (line-end-position))))
(funcall changed-major-mode)
(set-buffer-modified-p buffer-modified-flag)
(defun mweb-mark-whole-buffer ()
"Multi-web-mode's version of `mark-whole-buffer'."
(push-mark (point))
(goto-char (point-min))
(push-mark (point-max) nil t))
(defun mweb-indent-line ()
"Function to use when indenting a submode line."
;; Yes, indent according to mode will do what we expect
(setq mweb-extra-indentation (mweb-calculate-indentation))
(if (not (mweb-looking-at-open-tag-p))
(if (not (mweb-looking-at-close-tag-p))
;; Normal indentation
(if (equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode)
(unless (bobp)
(indent-to (+ mweb-extra-indentation mweb-submode-indent-offset)))))
;; Close tag indentation routine
(let ((open-tag-indentation 0))
(setq open-tag-indentation (current-indentation)))
(indent-to open-tag-indentation)))
;; Open tag indentation routine
(insert "a")
(indent-to (+ mweb-extra-indentation mweb-submode-indent-offset))
(delete-char 1))
(and (bolp) (back-to-indentation)))
(defun mweb-indent-region (start end)
"Indent a region taking care of chunks.
This routine considers the relative position of the chunks within
the buffer. It follows the same filosophy than
`mweb-indent-line-forward' because that function is what is used
to indent the chunks which are not for the default major mode.
Called from a program, START and END specify the region to indent."
(interactive "r")
(let ((delete-active-region nil)
(goto-char end)
(setq end (point-marker))
(goto-char start)
(or (bolp) (forward-line 1))
(while (< (point) end)
(if (equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode)
(forward-line 1))
(move-marker end nil))))
(defun mweb-get-current-mode-tag-point (type)
"Gets the point marker of current chunk's open/close tag.
The TYPE argument can be a 'open for the open tag or 'close for
the close tag."
(when (not (equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode))
(let ((index 0)
(found nil)
(result nil)
(re-search-func (if (equal type 'open)
(while (and (< index (length mweb-tags))
(not found))
(setq tag (elt mweb-tags index))
(when (or (equal (mweb-get-tag-attr tag 'mode) major-mode)
(equal major-mode mweb-default-major-mode))
(setq found t)
(if (looking-at (mweb-get-tag-attr tag type))
(setq result (point)))
(setq result (funcall re-search-func
(mweb-get-tag-attr tag type)
nil t)))))
(setq index (+ 1 index)))
(defun mweb-goto-current-mode-open-tag ()
"Move the point to the open tag of the current chunk."
(let ((tag-point (mweb-get-current-mode-tag-point 'open)))
(when tag-point
(goto-char tag-point))))
(defun mweb-goto-current-mode-close-tag ()
"Move the point to the close tag of the current chunk."
(let ((tag-point (mweb-get-current-mode-tag-point 'close)))
(when tag-point
(goto-char tag-point))))
(defun mweb-set-extra-indentation (number)
"Set the new value for `mweb-extra-indentation' to NUMBER."
(interactive "nNew mweb-extra-indentation value: ")
(setq mweb-extra-indentation number)
(message "mweb-extra-indentation = %d" mweb-extra-indentation))
(defun mweb-set-default-major-mode (major-mode)
"Set the new value for `mweb-default-major-mode' to MAJOR-MODE."
(interactive "CNew default major mode: ")
(setq mweb-default-major-mode major-mode)
(message "mweb-default-major-mode = %s" mweb-default-major-mode))
(defun mweb-forward-nonblank-line (&optional number)
"Move the cursor to the next/previous non blank line.
When NUMBER is positive it moves forward and when is negative
it moves backwards."
(when (not number)
(setq number 1))
(when (> number 1)
(setq number 1))
(when (< number -1)
(setq number -1))
(forward-line number)
(while (and (equal (mweb-get-current-line-trimmed-contents) "")
(not (or (bobp) (eobp))))
(forward-line number)))
(defun mweb-get-current-line-trimmed-contents ()
"Gets the contents of the current line.
It trims all space characters at the beginning and end of the line."
(let ((start-point)
(setq start-point (point))
(setq end-point (point))
(setq contents (buffer-substring start-point end-point))
(when (string-match "[ \t]*$" contents)
(setq contents (replace-match "" nil nil contents)))
(when (string-match "^[ \t]*" contents)
(setq contents (replace-match "" nil nil contents))))
(defun mweb-post-command-hook ()
"The function which is appended to the `post-command-hook'."
(when (and multi-web-mode
(not (region-active-p))
(not (member last-command mweb-ignored-commands)))
(defun mweb-enable ()
"Setup the minor mode."
(set (make-local-variable 'indent-region-function)
(make-local-variable 'indent-line-function)
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'mweb-post-command-hook)
(assq-delete-all 'multi-web-mode minor-mode-map-alist)
(push (cons 'multi-web-mode mweb-mode-map)
(run-hooks 'mweb-mode-hook))
(defun mweb-disable ()
"Disable the minor mode."
(assq-delete-all 'multi-web-mode minor-mode-map-alist))
(define-minor-mode multi-web-mode
"Enables the multi web mode chunk detection and indentation"
:lighter " Multi-Web" :group 'convenience
(if multi-web-mode
(defun multi-web-mode-maybe ()
"Used to turn on the globalized minor mode."
(when (member
(file-name-extension (or buffer-file-name ""))
(multi-web-mode 1)))
(define-globalized-minor-mode multi-web-global-mode
multi-web-mode multi-web-mode-maybe
:group 'multi-web-mode
:require 'multi-web-mode)
(provide 'multi-web-mode)
;;; multi-web-mode.el ends here