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This package contains projutils.el



This minor mode provides some nice project related facilities. For make them work it looks for your .dir-locals.el file and considers that as the project’s root (You can also specify the project root by setting the `projutils-project-root-path’ variable).

Currently it implements:

  • File browser from project’s root.
  • Grep/Ack from project’s root.
  • Find file in project.


This package was tested with GNU/Emacs 23 only, it should work with others versions too but I can’t ensure anything. Besides from that nothing else is required.

Recommended optional requirements are `full-ack’ and `sr-speedbar’.


Add this to your .emacs:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/folder/containing/file")
(require 'projutils)
(projutils-global-mode 1)

Browse project files from root folder: Using speedbar or, if available, sr-speedbar. In the case both are present you can control if sr-speedbar should have precedence via the `projutils-use-sr-speedbar’ variable.

Grep files from the root folder: Using rgrep or, if available, ack (from full-ack package). In the case both are present you can control if ack should have precedence via the `projutils-use-ack’ variable.

Find file in project: The list of files is generated from the project root and you can control what should be filtered by setting the `projutils-ffip-ignored-dirs’, `projutils-ffip-ignored-files’, `projutils-ffip-allowed-file-extensions’, `projutils-ffip-ignored-file-extensions’, `projutils-ffip-ignored-regexps’ variables.

Type M-x describe-function RET projutils-mode to check available key bindings.

Bug Reports

If you find a bug please report it sending an email listed in the top of the file or just use the github tracker.


projutils.el is free software under the GPL v3, see LICENSE file for details.

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