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Tracking my progress as I learn Java.
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Class 1 - Inputs
Class 2 - Datatypes
Class 3 - Math
Class 4 - Decisions and Loops

Welcome to a Semester of Java!

Note: This repository is no longer maintained. Created by Farai Gandiya


In this repository, I will host files that are a part of my project, A Semester of Java, which documents my learning of the Java Programming Language as a part of one of my classes this semester. There isn't a regular schedule, but I will post new posts whenever I learn something new.


  • Class 0: Hello World: Introducting myself and providing a Hello World example. Post | Code
  • Class 1: Handling Console Input: Doing some light work with the scanner object.Post | Code
  • Class 2: Data Types: Running through Java's data types. Post | Code
  • Class 3: Math: Explaining mathematical operations in Java. Post | Code
  • Class 4: Loops and Desicion Statements: Trying to cover the various loops in Java like for, while, if and switch.Post | Code