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Tired of trying thousand of tools to organize my life, and inspired in the idea of ONE BIG TEXT FILE from Danny O'Brien, I decided that the world needed yet another GTD tool. The "Almighty" part is a reference to the idea of having all type of notes about your tasks in one single file.

The whole idea of this GTD implementation relies in some custom notation marks, the Folding capabilities of VIM and its power to work quickly with text. I wanted something portable to collect, edit, search and structure lightning fast my notes. This is the result so far:

* Organize project tree with notes, links and tasks
* Move tasks from the project tree to the TODO list inserting project label
* Neatly collect and display all tasks related with a project
* Ease project tasks/notes finding
* Build a calendar with all the dates in the text file

I strongly recommend the UTL script as a side companion. It will enhance your notes allowing you to open different links with just a short keystroke.

This script is my idea of how GTD should be done with VIM. Any comments, bug reports, patches, forks, fixes and suggestions are welcome.

screen shot


The best way to get started is playing around with the example file. Just play around with this sample sequence of Vim commands:

zo, zc          Open / close a folder
zM              Close everything
'v              Jump to project set by label
zM              Close everything
:GSearch VPN    Another way to jump to a project

The online help is not very complete, but can give you an overview of the features: :AG :help agtd


During the development of this script I might have overlooked some environment issues. For example, most of the time I use the GUI version of Vim with the 'dark-blue' color schema (:colorscheme darkblue). I would not be surprised if things look ugly with light backgrounds and/or the command line.

Some things are half implement, others just confusing. Since this is already doing the basic work I need I am no longer working too hard on it.


Copyright © 2011 Francisco García Rodríguez.

GNU General Public License - Version 3 See License.txt in this directory