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This tiny script provides the syntax, folding function and other minor functionality that I need for my notes.

I try to keep all my notes in simple plain ASCII text files. However I admit that some formating and folding is nice. Hence I came up with a very simple syntax based on some markers and indentation rules, wrap all that together into this Vim script and Voilà! Now I can keep my text notes within a compressed style and smart folding along the power of Vim to ease the access to my notes.

screen shot

I strongly recommend the UTL script

I am too lazy to write the documentation, but the syntax is so simple that you can get an idea by playing with the sample file. You just need to move around with the basic folding commands (zo, zc, zM)


The easiest way is just to get the Vimball file from the webpage and follow the instructions.


During the development of this script I might have overlooked some environment issues. For example, most of the time I use the GUI version of Vim with the 'dark-blue' color schema (:colorscheme darkblue). I would not be surprised if things look ugly with light backgrounds and/or the command line.


Copyright © 2011 Francisco García Rodríguez.

GNU General Public License - Version 3 See License.txt in this directory