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ITG Södertörn Killergame

This is the web application used at ITG Södertörn to manage the ongoing Killergame

Why did you make it open source?

This repo was made public so that students at the school would be able to see the inner workings of a full, yet simple, python web application being used at said location. Feel free to create a ticket/issue if you've noticed some unusual behavior or simply got an idea of a improvement.

I know some Python, can I help?

Of course! In case you want to get your hands dirty you can contribute with code by forking this repo and creating a pull request. Though I recommend you to check with me first if the feature/bugfix is sought after, so I won't have to deny code you maybe spent hours writing. This is most easily done by creating an issue with the idea you have, and mentioning that you are willing to code it yourself.

Who are you anyway?

My name is Fredrik Blomqvist and I live in the class 11TEK-A, currently finishing my last year at ITG.