Library of XProc steps (including extensions) to talk to BaseX from Calabash.
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Library of XProc steps (including extensions) to talk to BaseX from Calabash.


Provided as a XAR package. Download the latest package version from CXAN and install it in you local repository for use by Calabash. If you have a CXAN client, all you need to do is:

cxan install fgeorges/calabash-basex

Once installed, to use it you simply use to use the following import statement:

<p:import href=""/>

If you don't have the repository manager yet, install it first from

The steps

This library defines 2 steps, in the namespace

  • basex:standalone-query
  • basex:server-query

The former evaluates a query with the embedded BaseX engine. The latter evaluates a query on an external BaseX server (which is running as an external process, on a specific host and a specific port). See the samples directory for examples of use. The definition of the steps is:

<p:declare-step type="basex:standalone-query">
   <p:input  port="source" primary="true"/>
   <p:output port="result" primary="true"/>

<p:declare-step type="basex:server-query">
   <p:input  port="source" primary="true"/>
   <p:output port="result" primary="true"/>
   <p:option name="host"     required="true"/>
   <p:option name="port"     required="true"/>
   <p:option name="user"     required="true"/>
   <p:option name="password" required="true"/>
   <p:option name="database" required="true"/>


The source code is organized between the 3 following sub-directories:

  • build contains various descriptor and a Makefile to create the packages
  • calabash-basex is a NetBeans project, contains the Java classes
  • samples contains simple examples of both steps