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EXPath Packaging for Java

Implementation of the EXPath Packaging System for Java, Saxon and Calabash.


Download the latest expath-repo-installer-x.y.z.jar file from the download area and execute it by double-clicking on it (or from the command-line: java -jar expath-repo-installer-x.y.z.jar). Follow the instructions, that's it!

If you don't want a graphical installer, use the latest file instead. Unzip it and set it up.


Add the script xrepo to your PATH. To create an EXPath package repository, simply use: xrepo create <repo-dir>. You can set the environment variable EXPATH_REPO if you don't want to provide the repository directory everytime you use xrepo.

For more information on the repository manager: xrepo help.

The install directory contains also a script saxon and a script calabash, that launch resp. Saxon and Calabash, by configuring them with the repository, and adding useful options from the command line. For more information: saxon --help and calabash ++help, or see the README file in the sub-directory bin/ in the source repository.


Implementation of the EXPath Packaging System for Java, Saxon and Calabash


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