Package builder for the FXSL library.
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Package builder for the FXSL library.

This project is used to create a package out of FXSL. It does not contain the sources of FXSL themselves, but needs them to be built. Just copy the FXSL f/ directory (from CVS) to src/f/ before building this project (do not check them in!)

As we do not want to modify FXSL sources, we cannot add the public import URIs within the stylesheets themselves, so we cannot use XProject and we need to provide an explicit expath-pkg.xml descriptor. Instead of writing it by hand, it is generated from the content of src/f/. Just run the following command by using an XSLT 2.0 processor (e.g. Saxon), with the EXPath modules Files and ZIP installed:

saxon -xsl:build/make-project.xsl -s:build/make-project.xsl