Project and environment manager for MarkLogic.
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Project and environment manager for MarkLogic.

All details on:


Use the following:

npm install mlproj -g

This needs Node to be installed on your system. Package managers for all systems include it. Look at Node website for details and install options.


mlproj let you manage, deploy and configure MarkLogic projects. In order to achieve this, it also let you describe your environments and automatically set them up.

Use mlproj help for an overview. Go to for all details.



  • support sources as is (only includes/excludes), in new and load
  • wrap file path list generation (filtering, all that)
  • add support for garbage (w/ default value)
  • add support for @defaults
  • test @defaults in xproject/mlproj.json and ~/.mlproj.json
  • link sources to databases and servers
  • add support for filter
  • add support for feeder
  • add URI calculation support (decl. (root, prefix...) + function)
  • add way to link to a JS file + function name (for filter, feeder, and uri)

In commands.js: // ************ // - Move these NEW_*() to files in a sub-dir, and load them. // - Transform them to give them a chance to inject some data, // asked for on the command line. // - Use different sub-dirs for different scaffoldings. // ************

  • maintain the file extensions (and their types) in the project file
  • allow command new to create projects with different scaffoldings
    • using "embedded" scaffoldings (empty, plain, complete, annotated, web, rest...)
    • using "remotes" ones (on Git repos?)
    • new can even create such scaffolding templates
    • and they can be published in a gallery
    • complete examples for outreach, or real operational scaffoldings
  • new command add to add components, indexes, etc. by answering few questions
  • new command mlcp to invoke MLCP with info from the environment files
  • new command test to run tests from command line
  • new command to install a XAR/XAW file
  • new command to install a XAR/XAW from CXAN
  • new command to publish to CXAN
  • edit environment files from the Console
  • word lexicons
  • add support for triggers in environs

Support the following scenario (e.g. for the EXPath ML Console):

# check values are correct (supported)
mlproj -e dev -h myvm -u admin -z -p port:8010 show

# setup the environment (supported)
mlproj -e dev -h myvm -u admin -z -p port:8010 setup

# deploy modules (supported)
mlproj -e dev -h myvm -u admin -z -p port:8010 deploy

# initialize the app (to support)
mlproj -e dev -h myvm -u admin -z -p port:8010 init

which could/should be made easier:

# install everything (setup + deploy + init) (to support)
mlproj -e dev -h myvm -u admin -z -p port:8010 install