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Servlex, an implementation of the EXPath Webapp framework (see also the current draft of the spec). The homepage is at


Download the latest servlex-x.y.z-installer.jar file from the download area and execute it by double-clicking on it (or from the command-line: java -jar servlex-x.y.z-installer.jar). Follow the instructions, that's it!

If you want to install Servlex into the servlet container of your choice, use the latest file instead. It contains a suitable WAR file and install instructions.


There is nothing to setup if you use the graphical installer. Just start Servlex by executing bin/ (resp. bin/startup.bat on Windows) and go to http://localhost:19757/. You can change the default port number in conf/server.xml.

If you install the WAR file yourself, you have to point the property org.expath.servlex.repo.dir to a repository on the disk. On Tomcat for instance, you can add the property to conf/

Try it

Once installed, you can access the Servlex Admin Console at http://localhost:19757/manager/home. From there you can deploy the sample web application in the release, hello-world-x.y-z.xaw, by filling in the form. Go to http://localhost:19757/servlex/hello-world/ to access the example once installed. The sources are available in the dir hello-world/src/.

This sample application is just a few forms, each one-field, sending a string to either an XSLT function, an XQuery function or an XProc step, which in turn responds with a page based on this parameter. You can use the tool to display the XML representation of the HTTP request which is send to the XSLT, XQuery and/or XProc components in a web application.

Some docs about Servlex are also available here and there on the EXPath's wiki.

Real-world usage

Servlex is used to run CXAN (as well as its Sandbox), the sources of which are available on GitHub. The EXPath website runs on Servlex too (see the sources). H2O Consulting website runs on Servlex as well.


Servlex, an implementation of the EXPath Webapp framework


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