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XProject oXygen Plugin

This project provides a plugin for the oXygen XML IDE, to support XProject, the XML project manager from EXPath.

Documentation can be found at http://expath.org/modules/xproject/oxygen.

What’s it do?

The plugin provides 4 buttons in the toolbar:

  • build - generates the XAR file
  • test - runs test suites and generate reports
  • document - generates documentation from source code
  • release - builds a ZIP archive containing the XAR, a README, the source, etc., ready to use

The buttons can be used while editing any file within the project directory.


Download the release file from the download area. Look for the latest file named xproject-oxygen-plugin-x.y.z.zip.


  • Create a new directory called xproject in {your oXygen dir}/plugins
  • Unzip the release file to {your oXygen dir}/plugins/xproject

The plugin directory will contain:

  • plugin.xml (from xproject-plugin/rsrc/plugin.xml)
  • xproject-oxygen-plugin.jar (from xproject-plugin/dist/xproject-oxygen-plugin.jar)
  • repo/ (from xproject-plugin/rsrc/repo/)
  • lib/ (from xproject-plugin/lib/)

Developing this project

Technically, xproject-plugin/ is a NetBeans project. You’ll need to add two libraries to NetBeans (in "Tools ► Libraries"): oxygen and apache-log4j. The oxygen lib must contain the JAR file from the oXygen SDK.