A GNU Autotools based Asciidoc/DocBook processing toolchain
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makedoc: A document processing toolchain built on GNU Autotools

makedoc turns AsciiDoc or DocBook documents into a variety of output formats, including:

  • HTML
  • PDF and PostScript
  • Open Document Format (used by OpenOffice.org Writer)
  • Microsoft(R) Word(tm)

In addition, makedoc transforms

  • MathML into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • SVG into Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Processing documents with makedoc

In its simplest form, check out the makedoc tree from GitHub and drop an AsciiDoc (.txt) or DocBook source document (.xml) into the work directory.

Say your AsciiDoc document is named foobar.txt. Then, run

cd work
make foobar.pdf foobar.html

Then, makedoc will build a PDF and HTML representation of foobar.txt.

Using makedoc from your own project

If you are integrating your own documentation project with makedoc, follow these steps:

  • From the root of your documentation tree, create symlinks to autogen.sh, configure.ac.stub, and Makefile.am, located in the root of the makedoc checkout.
  • From any of you subdirectories where you keep documentation sources, create symlinks to work/Makefile.am.
  • Run autogen.sh and ./configure from the root of your checkout.
  • Change into your documentation directories and run make <sourcefile>.<outputformat>, like make foo.pdf or make bar.html.

Configuring makedoc

Makedoc's behavior can be heavily customized to your needs. Run ./configure --help for supported options. Makedoc allows you to

  • select your PDF renderer (fop, db2latex, or xmlroff)
  • customize PDF page sizes and fonts
  • select your XSLT processor (xsltproc or saxon)
  • select your SVG rasterizer (rsvg or inkscape)
  • link custom CSS style sheets and DocBook titlepage templates
  • customize section numbering and labeling
  • select the document type (article, book, or manpage)
  • select templates for ODF output