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Control your Raspberry PI GPIO via the Browser using NodeJS, Socket.IO and pi-gpio.


Install the latest node.js on your Raspbian:

Install GPIO Admin, to allow users other than root to access the GPIO:

Install JSGPIOServer NodeJS Dependencies

To install JSGPIOServer dependencies, issue:

npm install


To configure the application change SocketIo.URL to point to your Raspberry PI IP address, found in index.html.

Optionally, change the listening port for the example server, by editing example-server.js

Start server

To start the example server, issue:

npm start


nodejs example-server.js

Navigate to your Raspberry PI IP and port to view the example.

Developer notes

jsgpio-server.js - Provides a basic NodeJS module. See documentation for details.

jsgpio-client.js - Provides a basic client for the server.

example-server.js - Provides an example server.

index.html - Provides example usage.