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Perl 5 and Perl 6 compilers
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cpan-Perlito5 Perlito5 - CPAN - v9.010 - fix MANIFEST.SKIP
cpan-v6 Remove executable bit from non-executables.
doc Remove executable bit from non-executables.
html Perlito5 - webpage - point to ( has DNS problems)
lib5/Perlito6 Remove executable bit from non-executables.
misc Perlito5 - misc - cleanup examples
src5 Perlito5 - command line - cleanup
src6 Perlito backend - stub code for Perlito6::X64::Assembler, Perlito5::X…
t-backend-specific Python backend - fixed .perl()
t-non-spec CPAN 0.045; fixed Makefile.PL
t Perlito5 - add test: t/op/lex.t
t5-bug Perlito5 - parser - add failing test
t5-eval Perlito5 - Eval - tests; fix Sub
t5-x64 Perlito5::X64::Assembler - add the "Immediate" type
t5-xs Perlito5 - XS - organize tests a bit
t5 Perlito5 - tests - t5/01-perlito/570-syntax-deref-string.t
t6-bug perlito5 - indirect-object tests
t6 Perlito6 - method hyper syntax use >>. instead of .>>
util-js Perlito5 - perl5: "use" is compile-time (the emitted code contains al…
util-parrot Perlito version 8.0
util-perl6 Perlito - add #!/bin/sh shebang to .sh script
util-ruby Perlito6 - rename namespace from Perlito to Perlito6 (fix python, ruby)
.gitignore Perlito5 - Java - Explicit casting to native Java
ChangeLog Perlito5 - command-line - better switch handling: -Cperl5 / -C perl5 … Perlito5 - add LICENSE file
Makefile Perlito5 - Makefile - make clean
README Perlito5 - webpage - point to ( has DNS problems)
README-perlito5 Perlito5 - add a note about javascript minification
README-perlito5-js Perlito5 - js - docs: add another link
README-perlito6 Perlito5 - webpage - point to ( has DNS problems)
TODO-perlito Perlito5 - TODO update
TODO-perlito5 Perlito5 - TODO update
TODO-perlito5-Java Perlito5 - TODO - java tail call
TODO-perlito5-Javascript Perlito5 - TODO update; add TODO-perlito5-Javascript
TODO-perlito6 Remove executable bit from non-executables. CPAN 0.045; fixed Makefile.PL Perlito version 8.0
perl6-eval.p6 Perlito5 - perl6-eval.p6: fix for niecza Perlito5 - command line - cleanup Perlito - update for version 9.0 and rerun bootstrap Perlito5 - java - "make test-5java" # 192 tests pass, 224s"


"Perlito" Perl compiler

    This is Perlito, a compiler collection that implements a subset of Perl 5 and Perl 6.


    Perlito can compile Perl 5 or Perl 6 programs into one of the 'backend'

        Perl 5 to Perl 5
        Perl 5 to Javascript

        Perl 6 to Perl 5
        Perl 6 to Javascript
        Perl 6 to Python 2.6

    The following compilers are work in progress - some tests pass, some tests fail:

        Perl 5 to Perl 6
        Perl 6 to Ruby 1.9

    Perlito 6.0 (2010-07-27) also compile to additional backends.
    Check the Changelog file for details:

        Perl 6 to Go
        Perl 6 to Common Lisp (SBCL)
        Perl 6 to Ruby 1.9


    Main Perlito repository:

    Main Project web page:

    Run Perlito online, in the browser:

Source code

    The source code for Perlito5 can be found in the 'src5' directory.
    Perlito5 is written mostly in Perl 5 (the grammar uses its own mini-language.)

    The source code for Perlito6 can be found in the 'src6' directory.
    Perlito6 is written in Perl 6.




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