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1. cp EmitRuleP5Ratchet into EmitRuleP6Rathet and prefix all subs with "use v5"
2. Use to convert EmitRuleP6Ratchet into EmitRuleP5Ratchet
3. Port EmitRuleP6Ratchet by hand to MiniPerl 6 (without using P6 Rules or advanced OO stuff)
---- Here We Declare Grammar Engine is Bootstrapped ----
4. Design AST for MP6 by taking Pugs.Exp and kill nodes, or take v6/AST and add nodes.
5. Write v6/Emit(MiniPerl6->Perl5) and redo step 3 to make an optimized PCR/EmitRuleP5Ratchet
6. Rewrite v6/Grammar/ to port Yapp-dependent parts into a new precedence parser
written in MP6 that utilizes <%foo> style tokens
7. Finalize Perl 6 AST by taking MP6 AST and expanding on it.
8. Convert all of v6/Grammar/* to MiniPerl6 and emitted to optimized Perl 5 code
---- Here We Declare Perl 6 Parser is Bootstrapped ----
9. Port MO to MiniPerl6
10. Port Sub::Multi to MiniPerl6
11. Port builtin Value and Container classes to MiniPerl6
---- Here We Declare Perl 6 Runtime is Bootstrapped ----
NB: The VM is responsible to provide coroutines, threads, sockets, etc etc;
if it's missing in the VM, it's _not_ our job to emulate them by drastically
change the emitting strategy to e.g. CPS. All Value/Container classes do is
to bridge the native VM API with Perl 6 class/method API.
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