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TODO list for Perlito6
* Perlito6
- move all internal packages inside Perlito6 namespace
* module
- add exceptions
- complete ast nodes implementation
* Command line compiler (src6/util/
- build Ast cache using JSON (we currently use Perl5 Data::Dumper) or XML (Go has XML and JSON input)
- option to build binaries (Lisp, Java, Go) or modules (Perl, Lisp, Javascript)
- add "make" capabilities (test file dates, etc)
- does it need a config file? (lib location, make details)
- add '-B' option (execute)
* Perlito6 in Javascript
- reuse the good parts of Perlito5 data model
- add node.js features
-- properly implement die(); this should avoid some infinite-loops when we keep compiling after an error is found
* Perlito6 in Rakudo/Niecza/Pugs
- any Perl6 should be able to execute Perlito6 directly. What do we need to fix?
-- rakudo:
=begin must be followed by an identifier; (did you mean "=begin pod"?)
at src6/lib/Perlito6/Emitter/
-- rakudo: use "augment" to add new methods to classes
[13:20] <jnthn> r: use MONKEY_TYPING; class Foo { ... }; augment class Foo { }
* Perlito6 in Lisp
- test other Lisp implementations
* Perlito6 in Go
- document which release of Go to use
* Perlito6 in Perl5
(no issues at the moment)
* Perlito6 in Parrot
- finish OO, class variables
- fix die() parameter handling
* Perlito6 in Python
- module loading uses mangled filenames (with underlines); it should use dot-separated names instead.
* Perlito6 in Ruby
- module loading uses mangled filenames (with underlines); it should use dot-separated names instead.
* Missing Backends
- Haskell
- Clojure
* Missing Features
- detailed syntax errors
- type annotations - FIXED
- 'use v5' is not supported
(maybe not needed for Perlito)
- no 'state', 'constant', 'local'
- debugger
- chain operators - supported by the grammar, but no AST representation
- "loop(;;)"
- "when"
* Missing Features of the Token sub-compiler
- no quantifiers - FIXED
- no variable interpolation
- use the new precedence parser
* Nice to Have
- 'perlito-format' script (see gofmt and perltidy)
* Tests
- run some tests from the standard test suite
- use - FIXED
* Grammar
- item-assignment precedence is different from list-assignment
- captures like: / <a> <a>* / - the first capture must share storage with the second capture
- modify the grammar to return multi-line strings as multiple strings
(this makes it easier to write a beautifier script)
- parse Namespaces as array of string (we are going to split them anyway)
- double quote variable interpolation - FIXED (without method calls)
- and expression interpolation
- the grammar should be aware of function arity
* Semantics
- @a.values and %a.keys return Array
These should return a List
- Not implemented: %a = (list)
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