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[ -d cpan-v6 ] && cd cpan-v6
rm -rf lib
rm -rf t
touch META.yml
mkdir t
cp ../t6/*.t t/
perl -pi -e 's/use v6;/use v6-perlito;/' t/*.t
rm -rf t/bugs
cp -r ../lib5 lib
rm -rf lib/Perlito5
cp ../src6/lib/Perlito6/Python/ lib/Perlito6/Python/
cp ../src6/lib/Perlito6/Ruby/Runtime.rb lib/Perlito6/Ruby/Runtime.rb
perldoc -otext > README
mkdir lib/v6
cp lib/
cp lib/v6/
rm -rf scripts
mkdir scripts
cp ../ scripts/perlito6
perl Makefile.PL
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