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use v6;
multi eval($str, :$lang! where 'perl5') {
$lang; # workaround for niecza: '$lang is declared but not used'
my $inp_file = "tmp.p5";
my $out_file = "tmp.p6";
my $fh = open($inp_file, :w);
shell "perl -Isrc5/lib -Cperl6 $inp_file > $out_file";
my $p6_str = slurp $out_file;
# say "[[$p6_str]]";
my $p5_str = '
my @x;
$x[1] = 2+2;
say "got $x[1]";
eval($p5_str, :lang<perl5>);
=begin comments
Note: to run niecza in osx you need:
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib
Missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH gives the error:
"Unhandled exception: System.TypeInitializationException"
Note: fixed in rakudo commit e756635b9e:
If I define multi eval($str, :$lang! where 'perl5')
then rakudo can't find eval :lang<perl6> anymore
because eval is declared as an only sub
This is a workaround (by moritz++):
proto eval(|$) {*};
multi sub eval($str) {
Note: Accessing perl6 variables inside eval (explained by moritz++):
sub f { say OUTER::.keys }; { my $x = 3; f() }
sub f { say CALLER::.keys }; { my $x = 3; f() }
# call_sig $x $_ $*DISPATCHER
and you might need to walk the CALLER's OUTER
this one just gives you the immediate caller's scope
=end comments
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