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updated ChangeLog for release 4.0

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5 ChangeLog
@@ -1,11 +1,14 @@
4.0 (plan)
+- Go backend bootstrap.
+ The Go backend was updated to the latest Go language spec.
+- Perl5 backend optimized; 30% faster
+- More library functions, added to all backends
- New '' module - implements a MiniPerl6 interpreter in MiniPerl6.
This should add some debugging capabilities later on.
- New test suite. See README on how to use 'prove' for each backend.
- New compiler options to create binary executables
- Currently the stable backends are: Perl5, Javascript, JVM, Lisp, Go.
See README for bootstrapping instructions for all backends.
-- The Go backend was updated to the latest Go language spec.
3.0 2010-01-21
- Go language backend; using Go:
2  TODO
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ MiniPerl6 in Lisp
MiniPerl6 in Go
-- very slow in bootstrap mode; Ast cache might help.
+(no issues at the moment)
MiniPerl6 in Perl5
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