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A few simple Munin plugins to monitor beanstalkd.

Scrutinizer Code Quality

Requires PHP >= 7.4, Composer + Pheanstalk 4. APLv2 License.

List tubes to monitor using the TUBES variable in Munin's plugin conf.

It is basically a PHP port of the original Urban Airship plugins written in Python.

Usage configuration

The plugins can take the server configuration from the environment:

  • BEANSTALKD_HOST: defines the hostname for the Beanstalkd server, defaulting to localhost.
  • BEANSTALKD_PORT: defines the TCP port for the Beanstalkd server, defaulting to 11300.
  • BEANSTALKD_TIMEOUT: defines the connection timeout in seconds, defaulting to 10.
  • BEANSTALKD_TUBES: a space-separated list of tubes to monitor, defaulting to default. Only used by the Queue Age plugin.

Original Python version

Suggested Beanstalkd UI