Alfredo is a gtalk bot, born so serve you!
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Alfredo - Born to serve!

Alfredo is a simple, extensible gtalk bot. It's capable of doing any kind of tasks, implemented as separated commands.

Here is a typical session:

you: inv some text
alfredo: called inv some text -> txet emos

Implementing a new command

Commands are implemented as Plugins (more at plugnplay <>). Just create a new class:

from alfredo import Plugin, ICommand

class SomeCommand(Plugin):

implements = [ICommand]

def help(self):
return ('short help', 'long help')
def name(self):
return 'mycommand'
def match_name(self, command):
return 'mycommand' == command
def run(self, user, *args)
# process some logic return result

In this case we create a new command named 'mycommand'. If we send this message to alfredo:

mycommand p1 p2 p3

the run() method would be called like this: run('', 'p1', 'p2', 'p3'). This method must return a string, that will be sent back to the original user.

How to use it

To start talking to a running instance of alfredo just add to your gtalk conacts list and you are done!

Or try out your own commands from the example code.


Alfredo's core components only needs:

The included commands needs:

You can even run the requirements file to get up your environment:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Dalton barreto