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Ancestors require z-index other than 'auto' in IE8 in addition to pos…

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Jason Johnston
Jason Johnston committed Jul 17, 2010
1 parent 743eb63 commit 3600da47d00e087a5922c4c71d9338a587a33fc9
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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ <h2>Problems with z-index</h2>
<p>The only way I know of to work around this is to either:</p>
<li>make the target element position:relative, or</li>
- <li>make the ancestor element position:relative.</li>
+ <li>make the ancestor element position:relative and give it a z-index.</li>
<p>Both of these workarounds can have potential unwanted side-effects in terms of child element positioning and

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