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#JSHint TextMate Bundle

TextMate bundle for JSHint, the (Gentler) JavaScript Code Quality Tool.



  • Pretty UI
  • Runs automatically upon save (⌘S)
  • Can be bypassed by pressing ⇧⌘S
  • JSHint can be run by itself by pressing ^⇧L
  • Output is only shown when errors are found
  • Window is automatically closed when it looses focus
  • Window with error list is closed when all errors are fixed and saved or checked again
  • Uses custom JSHint options if .jshintrc found in current dir, TextMate project, or User Home
  • Auto-updates itself to the latest version of JSHint
  • Based on Node.js


Download the zip file and rename the extracted folder to jshint.tmbundle. Double-click.


You need Node.js and TextMate, that's all.

This bundle uses #!/bin/env node to launch the node process. If you get a node - not found error, the PATH variable is probably not setup properly in TextMate (this happens when you start TextMate via the Finder rather than from the command-line). Either add or extend the PATH variable in TextMate preferences to include path to node binary.

You can set the PATH either via Preferences → Variables or by editing ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist.

Example: When installed with homebrew, path to node is /usr/local/bin/node. If jshint.tmbundle can't find executable node add /usr/local/bin to existing TextMate PATH:

PATH    $PATH:/usr/local/bin


Consider including/updating a local copy of latest stable JSHint installed using node/npm instead of automatically downloading source files directly from JSHint repo.