Lightweight Jade/HAML-like DOM builder for jQuery and Zepto.js
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Lightweight Jade/HAML-like DOM builder for jQuery and Zepto.js


Because building DOM fragments with plain jQuery is slow and noisy:

$('<div id="foo" class="bar">').text('Hello').appendTo('body')

With M'kay this boils down to:

$('body').mk('', 'Hello')

But there's even more! With M'kay you can ...

  • write logic in JS rather than some awkward templating language
  • save node references upon creation instead of querying the DOM later
  • validate your code with JSHint & Co.
  • relax – no innerHTML == no XSS

Usage Examples

$.mk()                              <div></div>
$.mk('h1')                          <h1></h1>
$.mk('.foo')                        <div class="foo"></div>

$.mk('h1#title')                    <h1 id="title"></h1>
$.mk('h1#title.big')                <h1 id="title" class="big"></h1>
$.mk('input[type=text][name=foo]')  <input type="text" name="foo">

As you see, you can specify the tag-name, class, id as well as attributes in a familiar, CSS-like syntax.

Nested Elements

To append a text-node to new element, just pass it as additional argument:

$.mk('h1', 'Hello World')           <h1>Hello World</h1>

In order to append elements you can use nested calls to $.mk():

$.mk('ul',                          <ul>
  $.mk('li', 'One'),                  <li>One</li>
  $.mk('li', 'Two')                   <li>Two</li>
)                                   </ul>


For brevity you may also use JsonML:

$.mk('ul',                          <ul>
  ['li', 'One'],                      <li>One</li>
  ['li', 'Two']                       <li>Two</li>
)                                   </ul>

Since M'kay fully supports the JsonML syntax, you can also set attributes by passing an object as second parameter:

$.mk('a', {href: ''}, 'GitHub')

Multiple Elements

In order to create a chain containing multiple elements the first element must be an array:

$.mk(['span'], ['span'])             <span></span><span></span>
$.mk(['em', 'Hello'], ' world')      <em>Hello</em> world

Create & Append

A common task is to append a newly created element to an existing one. M'kay therefore provides a plugin method that does just that:

$('body').mk('h1', 'Hello!')

The .mk() plugin returns a chain containing the newly created element. This allows you to easily add event listeners like this:

$('body').mk('.btn', 'Click Me')
  .click(function() { alert('click') })


M'kay is is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included LICENSE.txt file.