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notify-send not working for me in ubuntu 11.04 #10

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Not quite sure of the cause of the issue. I can get notify-send to post a message if I manually run it from a terminal window, so the infrastructure is propertly set up. However whenever node-dev needs to send a notification, I see the notification output in the stdout of the terminal window but I don't see a notify-send message.

Repro Steps:

Install ubuntu 11.04
Install node.s v 0.5.0-pre, npm, and node-dev.
Install libnotify-dev (not sure if this step was necessary, many libnotify components were already installed)
Start a node program using command:
sudo node-dev WebServer.js


See log message in console like "[INFO] Started"


See libnotify popup notification too, did not.

Environment check:
sudo notify-send "title" body"
results in a notification popup appearing as expected.


I was having the same issue although I didn't look into it at all. Maybe the some of the argument flags got changed or something? I'm going to take a look tonight.


Doesn't seem to like the --image on the start of a line

$ ./ "title" "body"
./ 15: --image: not found

Looks like since upgrading Ubuntu there is a symlink now called growlnotify to notify-send although there is no --image option, only an -i, which was causing the error. Your patch fixes it :)


There's no 'growlnotify' symlink in Ubuntu. The problem is with the way which was used, for some reason:

$ if [ -x `which nonsenseicalcommand` ]; then echo 'yes'; fi

Can't say I understand why it does that though.


Thank you for this change. Now when I run node-dev using my own permissions, I get a nice notification as expected under ubuntu 11.04.

However if I run node-dev as an Upstart service under www-data permissions (see:, I get an error:

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed

I can repro this same error using 'sudo -u wwwdata notify-send ...' from a terminal window independently of node-dev. I did a little investigation of notify-send's architecture and didn't see any discussions on 'cross-user-context' security, so it may be that this is simply out of scope of the design.

I'll try experimenting with 'sudo -u myself notify-send' from within to see if this fugly hack may resolve the cross-permissions issue.


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