I would like to turn of notifications. #47

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Can't really find where to do that.


Second this, such option would be very desirable.


Very well. Since there are currently quite a few open request for various configuration options (#49, #50, #52) I think its about time to introduce a ~/.node-dev.json file where one can configure things globally.

Here is a first draft of how it colud look like:

  "notify": false,
  "clearScreen": true,
  "timestamp": true,
  "vm": false,
  "ignore": [
  "extensions": {
    "ls": "LiveScript",
    "ts": "typescript",
    "coffee": "coffee-script"

What do you think?

@fgnass fgnass referenced this issue Nov 7, 2012

Add a config file #53


I'd still prefer command line option. But we can have both.


How would you distinguish these options from the ones that should be passed to the actual program?


The ones that go before script name go to node-dev, other ones to an app


Ok, but what about V8 options like node-dev --debug foo? Perhaps something like all unknown options before the script go to V8, others to node-dev could work …


I think we need a ~/.config/node-dev.json file as an alternative.
There are too many hidden files in $HOME, which is not convenient for management.

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