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Not working with IE 8 #109

toots opened this Issue November 14, 2012 · 2 comments

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Romain Beauxis Felix Gnass
Romain Beauxis


Testing on IE 8 right now I have an error there:

IE 8 and before do not support setting opacity value. Instead, you should set a filter, as described there:
(note that typeof c.opacity here returns "unknown" and not "undefined" as claimed in the link above)

Looking at the rest of the code, the use of opacity seems to be all over it so I am wondering if this code really works in IE 8 and before..?

Felix Gnass

This is the opacity attribute of the VML fill-element:

If it doesn't work for you it's probably because of
a) some other conflicting library on your page or
b) a browser plugin interfering with it.

To verify please view the spin.js homepage in a vanilla IE, for example on

Romain Beauxis

Ok, thanks for the response!

I think my IE is pristine (it's a barebone VM install) but I will test further..

Felix Gnass fgnass closed this May 14, 2013
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