Groff Makefile


*                   SI6 Networks IPv6 Toolkit v2.0 (Guille)                   *

Description of each of the files and directories:

 data:        Contains the configuration files and miscellaneous databases.
 manuals:     Contains the manual pages for the security assessment tools.
 tools:       Contains the source code for the security assessment tools.
 CHANGES.TXT: Contains the changelog of the toolkit
 CREDITS.TXT: Contains the credits of this project.
 LICENSE.TXT: Contains the license for this software (GPLv3)
 README.TXT:  This file.

Building the tools

You can build the tools by running the following command:
   make all

You can install the tools, configuration file, database, and existing manual
pages by running the following command:

   make install

Note: The libpcap library must be previously installed on the system. The
corresponding package is typically named "libpcap-dev".

All the tools have been tested to build (both with gcc and clang) and run on 
Debian GNU/Linux 7.0, Debian GNU/kfreebsd 7.0, FreeBSD 9.0, NetBSD 6.1.1, 
OpenBSD 5.3, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Mac 0S 10.8.0, and OpenSolaris .

Bug reports

Please send any bug reports to Fernando Gont <>