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Support for dynamic inspection of record types in plpgsql
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record_inspect defines functions which allow introspection of record and
composite types from PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL. record_inspect defines the following
database objects, all in the schema record_inspect.

* fieldinfo [composite type]
  Used to by fieldinfos() to describe a record's fields. Contains the fields
    fieldname (name),
    fieldtype (regclass),
    fieldtypemod (varchar)

* fieldinfo[] fieldinfos(record)
  Returns an array of <fieldinfo>s describing the record''s fields

* anyelement fieldvalue(record, field name, defval anyelement, coerce boolean)
  Returns the value of the field <field>, or <defval> should the value be
  null. If <coerce> is true, the value is coerced to <defval>'s type if
  possible, otherwise an error is raised if the field''s type and <defval>'s
  type differ.

* anyelement fieldvalues(record, defval anyelement, coerce boolean)
  Returns an array containing values of the record'' fields. NULL values are
  replaced by <defval>. If <coerce> is false, only the fields with the same
  type as <defval> are considered. Otherwise, the field'' values are coerced
  if possible, or an error is raised if not.

  make install
  make PG_CONFIG=/path/to/your/pg_config install
This will install into <prefix>/lib (or
<prefix>/lib/postgresql) and record_inspect.sql into <prefix>/share/contrib
(or <prefix>/share/postgresql/contrib).

Before you're able to use record_inspect from a specific database,
you need to register the types and functions of record_inspect
with that database. This is what record_inspect.sql is for. Simply
  psql your_database < record_inspect.sql
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