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# Check ESXi Host Devices against VMware IO HCL
# Does not use live VMware HCL data, but a copied JSON based version
# Needs to be connected to a vCenter Server (Connect-VIServer)
# Does not upload any sensitive information. Downloads a full HCL copy and compares it locally.
# Script is just a Proof of Concept...
# The script uses Get-EsxCli -V2 which requires at least PowerCLI 6.3 R1
# Configure device scope. Change the $devices variable to match the host you want to check.
# You can check multiple hosts at once, but please note that the Script needs to call esxcli
# to identify driver and firmware versions. This can take about 30-60 seconds per host.
$devices = Get-VMHost esx01* | Get-VMHostPciDevice | where { $_.DeviceClass -eq "MassStorageController" -or $_.DeviceClass -eq "NetworkController" -or $_.DeviceClass -eq "SerialBusController"}
$hcl = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri | ConvertFrom-Json
$AllInfo = @()
Foreach ($device in $devices) {
# Ignore USB Controller
if ($device.DeviceName -like "*USB*" -or $device.DeviceName -like "*iLO*" -or $device.DeviceName -like "*iDRAC*") {
$DeviceFound = $false
$Info = "" | Select VMHost, Device, DeviceName, VendorName, DeviceClass, vid, did, svid, ssid, Driver, DriverVersion, FirmwareVersion, VibVersion, Supported, Reference
$Info.VMHost = $device.VMHost
$Info.DeviceName = $device.DeviceName
$Info.VendorName = $device.VendorName
$Info.DeviceClass = $device.DeviceClass
$Info.vid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $device.VendorId)
$Info.did = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $device.DeviceId)
$Info.svid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $device.SubVendorId)
$Info.ssid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $device.SubDeviceId)
if ($device.DeviceClass -eq "NetworkController"){
# Get NIC list to identify vmnicX from PCI slot Id
$esxcli = $device.VMHost | Get-EsxCli -V2
$niclist = $;
$vmnicId = $niclist | where { $_.PCIDevice -like '*'+$device.Id}
$Info.Device = $vmnicId.Name
# Get NIC driver and firmware information
$vmnicDetail = ${nicname = $vmnicId.Name})
$Info.Driver = $vmnicDetail.DriverInfo.Driver
$Info.DriverVersion = $vmnicDetail.DriverInfo.Version
$Info.FirmwareVersion = $vmnicDetail.DriverInfo.FirmwareVersion
# Get driver vib package version
$driverVib = ${vibname = "net-"+$vmnicDetail.DriverInfo.Driver})
$driverVib = ${vibname = $vmnicDetail.DriverInfo.Driver})
$Info.VibVersion = $driverVib.Version
} elseif ($device.DeviceClass -eq "MassStorageController" -or $device.DeviceClass -eq "SerialBusController"){
# Identify HBA (FC or Local Storage) with PCI slot Id
$vmhbaId = $device.VMHost |Get-VMHostHba | where { $_.PCI -like '*'+$device.Id}
$Info.Device = $vmhbaId.Device
$Info.Driver = $vmhbaId.Driver
# Get driver vib package version
$driverVib = ${vibname = "scsi-"+$vmhbaId.Driver})
$driverVib = ${vibname = $vmhbaId.Driver})
$Info.VibVersion = $driverVib.Version
# Search HCL entry with PCI IDs VID, DID, SVID and SSID
Foreach ($entry in $ {
If (($Info.vid -eq $entry.vid) -and ($Info.did -eq $entry.did) -and ($Info.svid -eq $entry.svid) -and ($Info.ssid -eq $entry.ssid)) {
$Info.Reference = $entry.url
$DeviceFound = $true
$Info.Supported = $DeviceFound
$AllInfo += $Info
# Display all Infos
# Display ESXi, DeviceName and supported state
#$AllInfo |select VMHost,Device,DeviceName,Supported,Referece |ft -AutoSize
# Display device, driver and firmware information
#$AllInfo |select VMHost,Device,DeviceName,Supported,Driver,DriverVersion,FirmwareVersion,VibVersion |ft -AutoSize
# Expor to CSV
#$AllInfo |Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation deviceList.csv
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