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Base vagrant box for working with Rails
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Vagrant 1.2+ base box for working with Rails


Building the box

gem install librarian-puppet
rake rebuild

By default it will create a box for the default Vagrant provider set from VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER or VirtualBox which is Vagrant's default. In case you want to build the box for a different provider, you can prepend PROVIDER=lxc to rake rebuild.

This will output a box file to the project root that you can add to vagrant with vagrant box add.

Please note that it takes ~20 minutes to rebuild the VM on my laptop using a 15mb connection, so go grab a coffee while it runs ;)

Pre packaged boxes

I keep the latest vagrant-lxc and VirtualBox versions of the box on a public folder at my dropbox account, feel free to use it:

vagrant box add quantal64-rails
vagrant box add quantal64-rails