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vagrant-lxc ready VirtualBox machines
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vagrant-lxc ready VirtualBox machines

Basically a set of Vagrant VirtualBox machines ready for vagrant-lxc usage, serving as "live documentation" on how to set up hosts for using the plugin.

⚠️ Deprecated

I've stepped down as a maintainer of the plugin and I'm no longer maintaining this repo. Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own boxes and if you need any help with that just LMK! 🍻


$ git clone
$ cd vagrant-lxc-vbox-hosts
$ vagrant up BOX_NAME
$ vagrant reload BOX_NAME

Available boxes

precise Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits
quantal Ubuntu 12.10 64 bits
raring Ubuntu 13.04 64 bits
saucy Ubuntu 13.10 64 bits
trusty Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits
wheezy Debian 7.0 64 bits