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@fgsfdsfgs fgsfdsfgs released this Oct 23, 2019


  • proper gamepad code backported from svkaiser/Doom64EX/rom branch;
  • rebuilt with latest libnx (9.0 support).

How to play

  1. Obtain a Doom 64 ROM in either n64, z64 or v64 format. I think region and version do not matter, as long as the ROM is unmodified.
  2. Extract the wadgen folder from somewhere on your PC.
  3. Run wadgen/WadGen.exe and point it to your Doom 64 ROM. This should generate two files inside the wadgen folder: DOOM64.WAD and DOOMSND.SF2.
  4. Extract the switch folder from to the root of your SD card.
  5. Copy DOOM64.WAD and DOOMSND.SF2 you got in step 3 to /switch/doom64ex/ on your SD card.

If you already have Doom64EX installed on PC, you can omit steps 1-3 and just copy the WAD and SF2 from your existing install.

You can now run the game using hbmenu.

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