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Switch port of Quakespasm. Uses SDL2 as the backend, supports OGG and MP3 music and most other features of Quakespasm.


You need:

  • latest versions of devkitA64 and libnx;
  • switch-sdl2, switch-zlib, switch-mesa, switch-libdrm_nouveau.

You can install the libraries with (dkp-)pacman.

Run make -f Makefile.nx in the quakespasm directory to build quakespasmnx.nro.


Place the NRO into /switch/quakespasm/ on your SD card.

If you only have the shareware version of Quake, copy pak0.pak to /switch/quakespasm/id1/. If you have the full version, copy both pak0.pak and pak1.pak to /switch/quakespasm/id1/.

If you want to play Scourge of Armagon, copy pak0.pak from hipnotic to /switch/quakespasm/hipnotic/. If you want to play Dissolution of Eternity, copy pak0.pak from rogue to /switch/quakespasm/rogue/.

Make sure the pak files and the id1 directory have all-lowercase names, just in case.

You can run QuakespasmNX using Homebrew Launcher.

If it crashes, look for error.log in /switch/quakespasm/.

Mission Packs and mods are supported. If you have more game folders than just id1 in /switch/quakespasm/, a mod select menu will pop up when you launch QuakespasmNX.

Music should be placed into a music subdirectory inside the appropriate game directory (e.g. Quake music in id1/music/, Mission Pack 1 music in hipnotic/music/).

For more information see the other README.


  • Quakespasm was made by:
    • Ozkan
    • Eric
    • Sander
    • Stevenaaus
    • based on FitzQuake by Fitzgibbons
    • and probably others;
  • fincs, Armada651, Subv and probably others for their work on the OpenGL/mesa/libdrm stuff;
  • id Software for Quake.
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