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Animal Chat

Animal Chat is a massive multi user on live web chat developed using the HTML5 WebSocket technology.

It is just a programming experiment to taste how the WebSocket technology works, how to implement it and how is its performance.

The conclusions

The result can't be more satisfactory:

  • Very easy and intuitive API based in events
  • Good Ruby support in the server side with EventMachine WebSocket
  • Very Good performance, with my very poor Internet connection the response is almost immediate.


Animal Chat demo

How to play with it in local

Clone the repo

git clone git@github.com:fguillen/AnimalChat.git

Prepare the server

cd AnimalChat/server/
bundle install
./bin/animal_chat_server  # run the server

Open the client

cd AnimalChat/client
open index.html


For the experiment concerns this project is already in production status. I don't think is gonna be improvements in this project.

Next step is gonna be build a game :).

More technologies used


It is also my first time with BackBone.js and I have to say I'm not going to develop any other spaghetti JS code any more. MVC rules, event driven development rules.


I have tried to make the JS tests using Qunit which simplicity I love, but the fail error messages were very ambiguous and I had to move all the tests to Jasmine which I don't like to much the sugar syntax Rspec style but its messages are more helpful.


Incredible helpful JS mock library.