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Arduino: PhixterVisit

PhixterVisits is a way to convert an user visit on your web site into a blinking led on your desktop.

Each time your website receives a visit a signal will send until your desktop and led will blink.

This is an Arduino project and is not very easy to build all the stuff is needed to make it work.

All the instructions, you can find all the instructions, code and details on the Arduino: Phixter Visits webpage.

The Code

All the code of this project, even the the Phixter Visits Web Service is available on the Phixter Visits Github Repository.


Play with this code and instructions on your own risk, I’m a very beginner on all of this Arduino stuff and some problems could happen to your loved kit.


Phixter Visits by Fernando Guillen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.