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Simple Ruby Script for folders and databases backups
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Sweety Backy

Simple mechanism to configure and execute backups of folders and MySQL DBs and store them in local folder or S3 bucket.


This is a really beta version which is working in my servers actually without problems but you have to use it under your own risk.

Other possibilities

Please take a look of other Ruby backups gems:

How install

gem install 'sweety_backy'

How to use it

sweety_backy <config_file>

Config file

It is a yaml file with all this attributes

paths: <array of folder paths>
databases: <array of database names>
yearly: <quantity of yearly backups>
monthly: <quantity of monthly backups>
weekly: <quantity of weekly backups>
daily: <quantity of daily backups>
slices_size: <in MB, if present the compressed files will be sliced in pieces>
database_user: <database user with read privileges of all datases>
database_pass: <database user password>
storage_system: { 's3' | 'local' }
local_opts: (only if the storage_system is 'local')
  path: <absoulte path to the root folder of the backups>
s3_opts: (only if the storage_system is 's3')
  bucket: <bucket name>
  path: <bucket path where the backups will be stored>
  passwd_file: <path to the S3 credentials>

S3 credentials file

It is a yaml file with two keys with the S3 credentials:

access_key_id: "XXX"
secret_access_key: "YYY"


S3 config example

# ~/.s3.passwd
access_key_id: "XXX"
secret_access_key: "YYY"

SweetyBacky config example

# ~/.sweety_backy.conf
paths: [ "/Users/fguillen/Develop/Brico", "/Users/fguillen/Develop/Arduino" ]
databases: [ "test", "mysql" ]
yearly: 1
monthly: 2
weekly: 3
daily: 4
slices_size: 100
database_user: 'root'
database_pass: ''
storage_system: 's3'
  bucket: 'sweety_backy'
  path: 'fguillen'
  passwd_file: '~/.s3.passwd'


sweety_backy ~/.sweety_backy.conf


This will generate a bunch of backups in the sweety_backy bucket like these ones:

... and so on.

Cron execution example

# every day at 02:00 am
00 02 * * * sweety_backy /home/fguillen/.sweety_backy.conf >> /var/log/sweety_backy.log 2>&1

State of development

I'm using it in my prouduction servers, but it can fails and damage your data.. use it at your own risk.


MIT License. (c) 2011 Fernando Guillen (

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