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Experimental Ruby on Raill tool for remember easly the phone numbers
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== The Phone Baptizer

This is just an experimental project, not professional stuff, and I was starting with Rails at the moment I develop it, so the quality is not so good.

== Wep page


== Instructions to use

=== About

The Phone Baptizer is a tool to offer a possible system to 
remember easily a phone number.

=== Instructions

Insert your own phone number or the friend's one, select a dictionary (english
or spanish) y The Phone Baptizer will try to offer you a words, letters and
numbers combination that could help you to remember the phone number.

=== How it works

The keyboard of any phone has a small letters on the same key of each number.
When your are pressing the keys to write a phone number the phone knows that
you want to use the numbers on those keys but at the same time you can 
be thinking on the letters.

=== Example

If why try to write **'cacao'** on the phone when we are trying to write a phone
number we'll see that what we are really writing is **'22226'**.

If we try to write **'orchestra'** we'll write **'672437872'**.

This is what The Phone Baptizer does but on the opposite direction. **Offer to The Phone Baptizer a phone number and you will see what weird things you can use to remember it**.

=== The Baptism

The process to convert a phone number on a sequence of words, letters and numbers is called **'The Baptism'**.

=== Disclaimer

Don't expect you phone number will have a perfect cool word to remember it like **'thekingofworld'**, this is kind of impossible, the most normal that could happen is you obtaining proposed names like **tab11close3**.

I hope that doesn't disappoint you, the system will try to found the longest word that fixes with your phone number, not finding it it'll try to find a small one for a part of your phone number, and so on.

The numbers **'1'** and **'0'** have not a letter conversion
so that numbers will be never transformed on letters.
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