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Is a very simple web service for the thimbl protocol


Thimbl Singing


git clone git://
cd ThimblSinging
bundle install
open http://localhost:9292


Sign in

Go to the root url:

Insert your thimbl user account and your password and press login, it will carry you to your timeline page.

Show User<thimbl_user>


If the server has already the info of this user cached then it will response with the cached data, if not the server will fetch the info of this users together with the info of every user he is following.

Update Cached Info

Any time you can push in the Update Now link to update the info of this user.


  • better design.
  • layout for mobile devices.
  • Use the full followings lists to build a proper known users lists
  • modifications of the personal details like: bio, ...
  • Not update the an user's cache if it is less than X minutes old. (trying to avoid re-re-re-fetching)
  • Detect links in messages.
  • Support for flash messages
  • Detect thimbl addresses in message texts.