A (hopefully maintained) API Wrapper for MailChimp's 'The API' -- Currently at V1.3
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Deprecated due to old API sunsets. Please use cf-mailchimp instead by Kevin Morris.

MailChimp ColdFusion API Wrapper


Influenced by http://mailchimp.riaforge.org/ but as it has errors and hadn't been updated since May 6, 2011, we started rewriting the API wrapper at fh group with intentions of keeping it workable for others as well as maintained.

We use it heavily at fh group with our clients and wish to contribute back to the open source community that continually drives what we do and feeding our passion.

Currently, we have not implemented the full API nor have we even implemented the full list section of the api.


  1. git clone git@github.com:fh-group/MailChimp-ColdFusion-API-Wrapper.git
  2. Move includes/cf/mailchimp.cfc to where ever you have your collection of .cfcs.
  3. Instantiate the object and use the API method below.


For now, please read the documentation within the source/cfc itself.


  1. Attain feature-parity with current 1.3 API.
  2. Complete list-related section of The API.
  3. Complete campaign-related section of The API
  4. Complete campaign-stats section of The API ...

How to Contribute?

  1. Fork our repository on Github
  2. Clone it to your local machine: git clone git@github.com:<yourname>/MailChimp-ColdFusion-API-Wrapper.git
  3. cd MailChimp-ColdFusion-API-Wrapper
  4. Add the main repository as a remote: git remote add upstream git://github.com/fh-group/MailChimp-ColdFusion-API-Wrapper.git
  5. For each section or individual change, create a new branch: git fetch upstream && git checkout -b <branchname> upstream/master
  6. Make your edits
  7. When done: git commit -a
  8. Push your changes back to the remote repository: git push origin <branchname>
  9. Your changes will then be reviewed, commented upon, and then added into the repository.