Application prototype for demonstrating a process modeling approach where the integrity of models is secured by the Ethereum blockchain.
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Decentralized Process Modeling and Instance Tracking

Prototype for demonstrating a decentralized process modeling approach where the integrity of process models is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and versions of process models are managed through the Git DVCS.

License: GNU General Public License v3.0 Copyright: (c) 2018 Felix Härer


A Windows version can be downloaded in the release section. Further versions for Linux and macOS will follow shortly.

Please note that this first release is an alpha version for demonstration purposes.

Demonstration Setup

When the program is started, a new ethereum wallet can be created, or, a pre-defined one - registered with the program's smart contract - can be chosen. Furthermore, when the Add button on the left hand side is clicked, the dialog to add a remote repository suggests a link to a Git repository. This repository is set up with process models of a supply chain use case.

The smart contract is deployed in the Ethereum testnet at address 0x44838c369f4c7f781bb6b14df3c45f5b4797af0d.

This software uses the following open source software