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NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory

Tracking Victor Shoup's NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory.

What is this?

This is a verbatim, unmodified copy of Victor Shoup's NTL Library.

Documentation is available on Prof. Shoup's NTL Page, as well as in the "doc/" directory.

The version in this repository has been released on the NTL Downloads page.

Currently tracked version: NTL-11.4.1 (Unix, 2.2 MB, 2019.10.08)

Reasons for this repository

At the time of writing, NTL isn't been officially released on GitHub. There may be some mirrors here and there, but none of them seem to track the most current NTL version.

Use this repository if you wish to add current NTL as an external dependency to your project with "git submodule add".

Of course, you can alternatively simply fetch ntl-11.4.1.tar.gz from the official NTL download page, and drop it right into your source tree, if you prefer not to trust this repository.

These are the only changes I've made to the contents of the official tar ball:

  • renamed README to README.NTL
  • added this file
  • added the file LICENSE, copied verbatim from doc/copying.txt


I don't own this software. Please see the file LICENSE for details.