Fast and effective C++ file optimizer
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Efficient Compression Tool

Efficient Compression Tool (or ECT) is a C++ file optimizer. It supports PNG, JPEG, GZIP and ZIP files.


All tests were run on OS X 10.11 using an i5-2500S and clang.

File: enwik8, 100,000,000 bytes, compressed into gzip format

Compressor File Size Time
gzip -9 36,475,811B 6.2s
zopfli -i1 35,139,225B 1m 6.4s
ECT -2 35,019,083B 16.9s
zopfli -i5 35,014,777B 1m 56.2s
ECT -3 35,012,378B 18.3s
zopfli -i15 34,987,258B 4m 3.2s
ECT -4 34,964,155B 22.5s
ECT -5 34,942,811B 28.9s
ECT -6 34,940,747B 49.7s
ECT -7 34,938,252B 1m 7.9s
ECT -8 34,937,694B 3m 54.8s