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My public speaking kit for events organizers


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My Speaker Kit

My public speaking kit for the event’s organizers.

If you want to see talks I gave previously (170+ in 20+ countries), check my speaking page.


If you want me to speak at your event, here is a list of requirements I have:

  • Your event is welcoming everyone, no matter where they come from, their social status, gender, orientation, beliefs, education and their mental or physical abilities.
  • Your conference provides access for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility.
  • You have an enforced Code of Conduct (looking for one, check
  • If you record my talk, the video cannot be behind a paywall: it also cannot be sold in any capacity.
  • You want me to speak at your event because you find my content valuable for your attendees, not because you expect or wish that my employer sponsors your event (which doesn't mean it's not a possibility).
  • I'm only using my laptop (MacBook Pro 2021 - M1 Pro), and my clicker (remote presenter): I can connect to a projector using USB-C (Thunderbolt 4), HDMI, DisplayPort & VGA.
  • I'm not giving my slides in advance unless there are live interprets. I will have backups on my slides on my laptop, and in the cloud (2 different services), and I will gladly give my slides and code examples for you to share after my talk.
  • I'm not using conference templates. I spend a lot of time crafting the visual for my slides. I'll be happy to add the event logo on them, or have the title slide formatted like you want.
  • If you book the flights for me, please use Air Canada (or a Star Alliance member): I have my frequent flyer status which will make my life easier. For flights longer than four hours, I require business class tickets (or premier economy).
  • If you book the hotel for me, I prefer Hilton as I also have a status that comes with benefits. If it's not possible, I prefer a hotel to Airbnb.


Public speaking season is busy, so it's not always possible for me to speak at all events. I will prioritize the ones that are:

  • Giving me a prime speaking slot (not the morning after the conference party, nor last session of the day or right after lunch).
  • Recording the talk.
  • Paying for the travel arrangements.
  • Taking real steps to promote diversity.

Keep in mind that

  • I'm happy to give more than one talk at your event.
  • French is my first language, but I highly prefer to deliver my talks in English.
  • I'll be more than happy to mentor other speakers.
  • My talks are all 45 minutes long (unless specified), but I can adapt the content to any shorter timeslots.


My public speaking kit for events organizers







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