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My Speaker Kit

My public speaking kit for the event’s organizers.

If you want to see previous talks I gave (150+ in 20+ countries), check my speaking page.


If you want me to speak at your event, here is a list of requirements before considering asking me:

  • Your event is welcoming everyone, no matter where they come from, their social status, gender, orientation, beliefs, education and their mental or physical abilities;
  • Your conference provide access for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility;
  • You have an enforced Code of Conduct (looking for one, check;
  • If you record my talk, the video needs to be accessible for free to everyone and cannot be sold in any capacity;
  • You want me to speak at your event because you find my content valuable for your attendees, not because you want my employer to sponsor your event;
  • You let me use my computer (MacBook Pro 2020 - USB C, I have VGA & HDMI adapters) and my clicker (remote presenter);
  • You don't ask for talk materials in advance (unless there are live translations). I will gladly give my slides and code examples for you to share after my talk.
  • I can't use your template since I don't use PowerPoint. Even if I could, I wouldn't since it never works with my style of slides and my slides are part of the experience I give to the attendees.


I will prioritize events that are

  • giving me a prime speaking slot;
  • recording the talk;
  • paying for the travel arrangements;
  • making real efforts to promote diversity.

Keep in mind that...

  • I can give more than one talk if you want to maximize your budget;
  • French is my first language, but I only deliver talks in English;
  • I'll be more than happy to mentor other speakers;
  • My talks are all 45 minutes long (unless specified), but I can adapt the content to any shorter time I have on the schedule.


My public speaking kit for events organizers




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