A collaborative music player based on Mopidy and inspired by turntable.fm
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Partify is a social music collaboration project aimed at allowing multiple users to collectively play music streamed from Spotify. Partify relies on Mopidy to perform the music streaming and provides a web interface on top of Mopidy.

For more information, please see the wiki at https://github.com/fxh32/partify/wiki

Partify depends on the following projects:

  • Python (2.6+)
  • Flask, a python microframework for web development
  • Flask-WTF, a Flask extension for WTForms supporpt
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy, a Flask extension for SQLAlchemy support
  • SQLAlchemy, a SQL abstraction framework
  • WTForms
  • CoffeeScript (optional), required to build the javascript assets
  • Tornado (recommended), a fast Python web server
  • Testify (optional), to run the unit tests