An imagemagick-like frontend to Biopython SeqIO
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We often have to convert sequence files between formats and do little manipulations on them, and it's not worth writing scripts for that. seqmagick is a kickass little utility to expose the file format conversion in BioPython in a convenient way. Instead of having a big mess of scripts, there is one that takes arguments:

seqmagick convert a.fasta b.phy    # convert from fasta to phylip
seqmagick mogrify --ungap a.fasta  # remove all gaps from a.fasta, in place
seqmagick info *.{fasta,sto}       # describe all FASTA and Stockholm
                                   # files in the current directory

Features include:

  • Modifying sequences: Remove gaps, reverse complement, reverse, change case,
    • Remove gaps
    • Reverse & reverse complement
    • Trim to a range of residues
    • Change case
    • Sort by length or ID
    • more
  • Displaying information about sequence files
  • Subsetting sequence files by:
    • Position
    • ID
    • Deduplication
    • more
  • Filtering sequences by quality score
  • Trimming alignments to a region of interest defined by the forward and reverse primers

Want to learn more? Head to the Documentation.

seqmagick is free software under the GPL v3.